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 These programs will introduce students to the study and documentation of accepted procedures and practices in the field of psychology.


Psychology is an ever-evolving field and there are always new techniques and modalities that students can learn and benefit.

Psychometric Testing

Get professionally trainined in conducting, scoring and interpreting various diagnostic and psychoanalytical tests like TAT, ROR, MCMI, MMPI, 16PF, CF, MBTI, HAM-A, HAM-D

App Developer

Skills Training and Comprehensive Courses

Train in multiple forms of specialised clinical and counselling techniques to aid clients in achieving their goals.


Trainings range from 1 day introductory session to 5 months intensive clinical psychotherapy program.

Support group

Alternative Therapy

Acquiant yourself with the everevolving conjunctive techniques between Psychology and Expressive Arts, Movement, Drama, Linguistics, Metaphors, Hypnosis, Yoga, Pranayam, etc. 


Industrial and Organisational Training

Study and learn to apply core elements of psychological and management theory, including personality, social psychology, organisational behaviour, motivation, and human resource management.

Meeting Room Business
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