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Why Intern Through PAI ?

  • ​Guidance by expert Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and HR 

  • Strengthen Your Clinical Efficiency and Technical Skill

  • Network and Intern at prominent firms and companies in the field 

Our internship programs will help you gain and practice advanced psychological skills. Foster a better understanding of a

workplace environment in professional psychology.


You will get mentorships under prominent experts from different specializations, including Clinical, Counselling, Industrial, Geriatrics, Child and Developmental Care, and Alternative Healing. You will also learn soft skills like time management, creative thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. The internship will also provide you with an opportunity to network with professionals in the field.


For many psychology students, an internship is an integral part of their education. Students can apply theories they learned in the classroom to real-life professional settings. They benefit from gaining supervised experience before beginning their careers. For undergraduate psychology students, an internship can help them determine a specialization, and also help identify populations that the student may want to work with.


Psychology Internships Skills Training:

  • Empathy
    The student can learn how to deal with their emotions in response to the clients/patients. Hone their ability to sense other people’s emotions and to imagine what they might be thinking or feeling.

  • Listening
    Active listening makes up a huge part of psychologists' profession. It is not always an easy task; the earlier students begin practicing, the better.

  • Communication
    In addition to carefully listening to their clients, psychologists must also adequately communicate with them.

  • Adaptability
    Ability to work with different people and populations. Psychologists encounter many different patient personalities on the job, and they must have the capacity to work with all of them.

  • Analytical skills
    Interns can observe how professional psychologists deal with challenges on the job. They can also observe how these psychologists use their analytical and problem-solving skills to resolve those challenges.


This program is designed for students who are passionate about psychology and applying psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people’s lives. Our internship program will allow students to develop applicable knowledge and skills, build an understanding of non-traditional career paths in psychology, and generate a valuable professional network.

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